A Post-Election Nasty Letter to My Grandma(s) ~ ILY

Hi there folks. This post comes late for a reason. For those who know me, staying silent is not my strong suit (ok I can feel the eye rolls, just love me ok?!), but the post-election blues hit me harder than I anticipated–quite possibly because I did not anticipate the outcome.

Things are about to get political, so for my friends and readers that have differing opinions, I encourage you to not look away in disgust, but rather try to learn the other side’s opinion. Okay, I know, sounds easier than it is, but hey that’s life. If we all had the same ideas and same feelings and same opinions and same religions, well that would not be much of a free world, now would it?

While I am (yes, still) a staunch Hillary supporter as well as am appalled by our President-Elect’s behavior, morals and viewpoints…I have accepted that Donald Trump will be our next president.

Okay, before my fellow bleeding blues blowup in disgust, I applaud protestors and those speaking their mind, fighting for their impassioned hearts and beliefs. I understand [some of] the reasons for people voting for The Donald.

I hear the frustration of those fed up with our gridlocked government. I understand the fear of the unknown, the things that make us different. I get that there are people who stress more over building something for their grandchildren, than helping to shape a world where those same future people can feel safe in being who or whatever they want to be.

What I am saying is, I understand reasons for being Republican. I understand fiscal security and a proclivity to lean towards security and a mindset that have helped shape our young country. I completely get the values of the Republican party. Hell, I even studied aspects of it for the last five years (shoutout to AP Comparative Government and Politics in high school).

The thing is, no matter how upset I am over the current state of affairs and the level of hate and fear involved in supporting someone as radical as Donald Trump, I still believe in our government. I believe in our unalienable rights, our ability to vote for matters than mean the most. I believe in our government, the peaceful transition of power and I believe in our constitution (I even have a few favorite amendments a la the first, 14th and 19th). I am trying to preface this post with the point that I am attempting with all of my might, education and compassion to come at this issue from a somewhat open view of things.

Anyways, this is real, this is me, and I have no apologies for my long contemplated, researched and developed opinions of which I am about to expand upon. I’d like to write the rest of this post in the form of a letter, to my grandmother(s) who have seen so much in the fight for womens’ rights, and have taught me even more about what it means to be a woman.

Be kind, be understanding, but most of all please be a nasty woman.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 3.05.00 PM.png

Dear Grandma(s),

Wow #blessed that you’re reading my blog, you’re both very technologically savvy ladies. While one of you is a die-hard Dem, and the other quite the Republican, I believe your differing views have helped me shape my own opinions. So, thanks for being you!

Anyways, I am sorry. I am sorry that the last 70+ years have not made a big enough difference for half of the country. I cannot believe that after we got the 19th amendment, a portion of this country used it to return us back to a time in our nation’s history where women’s bodies were not considered their own.

I am sorry that you’ve had to listen to such disgusting rhetoric about women, courtesy of our future president.

I honestly thought Hillary could do it. I thought she could win. I thought that people could put their differnces and fears aside and make a decision that would impact and benefit someone other than the privileged white men of this country.

While one of you is anti-Hill, and the other worships her as much as I do, I think we can all agree that the speech used during this election proved appalling.

Yes, mudslinging has been around since the dawn of our young nation, but when did these attacks color an entire half of the nation? When did women revert back to second class citizens? We have fought so hard. I graduated from a solid university with a hard-earned degree and GPA–with both of you smiling from ear to ear.

I graduated alongside Muslims, Hindus, Christians of every sect, Jews (holla at ya gurl), and those of countless other religions. If we can all stand side by side, graduate with the same level of education and respect and appreciate one another, why can’t we accomplish the same task as a society for a more prolonged period of time?

Sure, not everyone got along all of the time, but at the end of the day we all knew we were human.The curves of our bodies and color of our skin were all indistinguishable beneath our red graduation robes.

You both played such a strong role in exemplifying the meaning of a strong woman (especially mom, here’s to you DatzGold). You taught me how to learn and listen to those with differing opinions, how to rock patterned pants and that I am worth more than you were told you were way back when.

I want you both to know, that one day a woman will be president. That people will learn to be more understanding. That there will come a day when a woman’s rights are human’s rights. That what you’ve witnessed and continue to hear will no longer be a factor. That because I, or your great grandchild, great great grandchild, etc. am a woman I will no longer be compared to a man. Since when did my gender play a role in my education or ability to work hard?

So, while I am not proud that this is still the America we live in, that, you have not seen the social change of which you deserve–I strongly believe that a woman’s place is wherever the hell she chooses. That a woman can be the leader of the free world, raise children…both. That my 75 cents will one day become a dollar. You both have worked too hard in your lives to not see a woman become president.

While fear and hate might have trumped love this time, I want you to know that will never happen in my heart, because I have both of you in my life to make sure that I know the meaning of love.

So, whether both or only one of you voted for Hillary–I don’t care. I care that you know that you’ve impacted my life in such a love, positive-filled way as to never create someone that would accept negative rhetoric and hate speech from their future president. I won’t accept hateful language and xenophobia as the norm. I will use my words to help others, just like your unconditional love has always helped me.

2020 will be our time. Michelle Obama for President (calling it here and now).

Love you oodles,




Well ladies and gents, friends and family, strangers and dangers… Ok I admit that was weird. Any who, Tuesday is election day. One of my favorite/the most anxiety-inducing days of the year. I have to say, that despite this election cycle’s unparalleled rhetoric (and mudslinging has been around since our country’s beginning. It’s in our foundation. In books, in mouths, in movies… all around), I am looking forward to Tuesday evening.
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We all Scream for Ice Cream (And Employment)

Hi peeps! I’ve been busy being employed. You’re looking at an Assistant Editor for Vamp and Rivet. Be sure to follow them on social media (Vamp and Rivetandjeans) as I am taking over their twitter–not to mention writing for both websites and publications. But not to worry, I’m still here doing thangssss and still being diabetic. El oh el.

Anyways, in case you don’t follow me on social media (there’s a link for you to do that at the bottom of the page). Some friends and I snagged tickets to the museum of Ice Cream (shoutout to KFitz, ily thanks wish you could’ve made it) which was ah-mazing.

Sure, a part of me acknowledges that the entire museum capitalizes on people’s desire for likes–the number of insta possibilities basically endless. But, the number of “sprinkles” from the sprinkle pit that made it back to my apartment floor aside, the museum offered up some quality ice cream education, as well as an (spoiler alert!) interesting dissolvable pill that does something to your tastebuds to temporarily make sour tastes sweet. Not kidding, this was simultaneously amazing and slightly concerning.

The experience tantalized the tastebuds and dazzled the eyes as the museum was the epitome of sensory overload. The bright colors, Taro and Lychee ice cream, chocolate squares, lemon and some flavor that still haunts me as I could not place it, all combined to make me worry about my desire to ever eat ice cream again…. and my blood sugar. But damn was my self-control on point. Yes, I tasted a fair share and had more than one bite, but after a week of ups and downs (literally), I didn’t feel like taking the chance. I still enjoyed the experience and the ice cream–just with a tad less sugar.

Anywho, I give the entire experience an 8/10. I would 100% recommend going, but don’t be surprised when you look up from your ice cream cone to see 10 girls posing in a pit of fake sprinkles in various poses for the perf pic. Myself half-heartedly included.



Anyways, that’s it for me on this Sunday Funday. Check out some more awk pics below.

Stay tuned for another post coming up next week.

Stay classy, sassy and beautiful peeps!


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