Guest Post: Ariella’s Fav Liquid Lipsticks

A little background before this post: Ariella is one of my best and oldest friends (despite my attempts to ghost her–jk ily 5 eva) and I am #blessed to have a friend like her. She’s sassier than me (if you can believe it) and equally obsessed with all things fashion and beauty.

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Too Hot To Trot

Hi, hello there. If I close my eyes and imagine hell, it would be the 6 train in New York City without AC. Have you ever been on a subway car in the underbelly of Manhattan with no AC, surrounded by sweating passengers and even more people who probably haven’t taken a shower since Bush (Senior) was President?

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What the Hell I’ve Been Up To

Ok wow hello there long lost friend(s) if anyone is still reading this other than my mom. Hi mom!

So, all of my time has been consumed with my side hustle turned passion project, Pancreas Pals. It’s a podcast dedicated to Type 1 diabetes, and holy moly am I enveloped in the thrill of it all. ~Listens to Sam Smith on repeat~

In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to and how things are going, I highly recommend visiting the website and downloading the podcast a la iTunes.

BUT, if you are not T1 and/or you don’t want to educate yoself on the struggles and lifestyle issues of the disease, please feel free to continue following my journey on Too Much Icing (TMI). Although, most of my time is dedicated to the podcast and helping others with the disease. Not that I am at all qualified to do so… so maybe support is a better word? Shout out to the homies and the lovelies that have followed this blog. I am not at all deleting or discontinuing this lovely thang, but rather am trying to devote more of my time to the podcast. So, if you want to do a guest post or hit me up with some ideas, feel free friends!

Happy holidays and have a fab new year.